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A comprehensive analysis of the future direction of the hardware industry where the future

Source:Huizhou Waliton Hardware Co., Ltd.  Edit:[!--keyword--]  Publish Time:2017-04-28 16:08:23

Hardware products are widely classified, such as mold industry, China has gradually become the world's metal processing power and export power, and has become one of the world's largest hardware production, with a vast market and consumer potential, die hardware is an important part of China's hardware industry, The period of the 12th Five-Year Plan is a critical period for China to properly cope with the major changes in the development environment at home and abroad and to accelerate the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a critical period for the healthy development of mold manufacturing industry in China. Development is still high growth period, China's mold in the international mold market, the comparative advantage is still there, the domestic mold market is expected to continue to be optimistic about the mold industry development trend.

The accuracy of the mold will be higher and higher. 10 years ago, the accuracy of precision molds is generally 5 microns, now has reached 2 to 3 microns, and soon 1 micron precision molds will be listed. This requires super finishing. Mold industry will become increasingly large. This is due to the mold-forming parts of the increasingly large and high production efficiency requirements and the development of "a multi-cavity" caused. Mold industry multi-functional composite mold will be further developed. The new multi-functional composite mold in addition to stamping parts, but also bear the stacking, tapping, riveting and locking assembly tasks, the performance requirements of steel is also getting higher and higher.

With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the spirit and material and cultural requirements are getting higher and higher, this demand also led the continuous development of the home industry and innovation, industry demand for home hardware growing, home Hardware industry has shown a different change.


Appearance and function of the integration: furniture hardware is divided into decorative hardware and functional hardware two categories. A lot of furniture hardware manufacturers intangible to separate the two, decorative hardware does not pay attention to functional development, functional hardware for its decorative development research, between the two out of touch. Take the door accessories, for example, over the years the function, structure in the continuous improvement, but not pay attention to its decorative unity, although many products are very easy to use, but looks always pleasing to the eye. In recent years with the level of innovation and design to improve, there are many designers concerned about the furniture hardware, industrial design concept to look at the furniture hardware, furniture hardware and the appearance of the better integration of furniture hardware development trend The


Humanized design: the improvement of quality of life, the quality of every detail in life will also attract attention. Furniture hardware can best reflect the quality of life details. The opening and closing of the door, the opening and closing of the drawer ... .... Excellent furniture hardware, in these daily actions on the embodiment of people-oriented principles of human nature. Safe, effort, silence, comfort and other human nature concept will be further integrated into the development of furniture hardware design. This is also a necessary requirement for social development.

With the economic and social development and changes, the hardware industry in the future will show a new development trend, let us do some discussion.

(A) business polarization further intensified. It is understood that the next few years will be the hardware industry's high-speed shock period, the direct impact of this high-speed shock is the result of the current hardware and kitchen brand camp in the polarization trend of expansion. Is expected in the next few years can really survive in the market of hardware companies absolutely no now so much. But the hardware industry, this high-speed shock will bring a huge opportunity, the shock results will make the market more rational operation.

(2) The operation of capital in the industry is active and the cooperation between enterprises is obviously strengthened. In a global competitive environment, in order to gain favorable competitive position and improve competitiveness, industrial capital is another topic of industry operation. 2004 Supor, Vantage has listed, Hongbao is also active for the listing, million and the capital market operation will not be due to failure with the United States and the United States and the failure to stop. From the capital point of view, the current main feature is the expansion of capital is intensifying. From the competitive point of view, the cooperation between enterprises to share resources is increasing.

(C) the integration of domestic and foreign enterprises to further accelerate. Domestic hardware enterprises in order to improve their own strength, faster to expand the international market, through a variety of means to speed up the integration of foreign enterprises to improve product quality and improve competitiveness. In the continuation of the United States, Japan and other traditional national markets at the same time, in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa, will also be full bloom. It is understood that China's hardware industry will continue the momentum of structural adjustment, there have been some bright spots. Hardware enterprises polarization situation will intensify, some do not meet the market competition enterprises will withdraw from the market through different channels of competition, and hardware giants will gradually surfaced.

(D) the market competition will be driven by the price to high-quality, high-tech products. With the deepening of competition, the hardware industry chain at all stages of the profit margins are compressed, the price of space is decreasing. More and more companies recognize that price competition alone can not build core competencies, not long-term development direction, and thus strive to explore new development path. Many hardware companies to increase investment in technology, the development of new high-tech products, the product differentiation as a long-term development of enterprises, to seek new market demand, the establishment of new economic growth point (such as small appliances and Other similar industries), in order to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises.

(5) the future of the gold industry will go, it is worth to explore, let us first look at the development of small industries to go it! Hardware industry is gradually stealth from the brand into the vision of consumers. Low-cost competition, imitation, OEM production is limited to a certain historical stage, with the development of the industry and the upgrading of competition, improve product technology content, with independent patents, design, focus on brand building and marketing has become a long-term development The best choice.

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