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The high rigidity, self-aligning and interchangeability of linear guides make it popular

All directions are of high rigidity. The four column type arc groove, with contact angle of four column ball 45 degrees, two contact structure to achieve the ideal let the ball, can bear from up and down and around the load can be applied; preloading to i[View details]

292017-Jun drawer slide installation steps

For the cabinet, if the hinge is the heart of the cupboard, then the slide is the kidney. Large and small admission drawer, whether free and smooth push and pull, all rely on the drawer slide support. Now tell me how to install drawer slides:[View details]


A comprehensive analysis of the future direction of the hardware industry where the future

Hardware products are widely classified, such as mold industry, China has gradually become the world's metal processing power and export power, and has become one of the world's largest hardware production, with a vast market and consumer potential, die[View details]


A trick to teach you how to test the true and false stainless steel hydraulic hinges

Stainless steel hydraulic hinges are mainly used in a cabinet bathroom hinge hinge, and the choice of this hinge customers are for a problem to buy, that is anti-rust function. However, the common hinge material in the market is cold rolled steel, stainle[View details]


The installation method and precautions of the door pulley dampers

On behalf of the home more and more families to use the door sliding door products, and in the use of doors when you find the pulley is too smooth and inertia t[View details]


Those unknown door hinges to buy knowledge

Those unknown door hinges to buy knowledge[View details]

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